Roost shortlisted for design award

New Ilkley architects practice, Roost have been nominated for a prestigious design award -just a year after they went into business.

The company have been shortlisted for Ilkley Civic Society's New Build Design Award, which is presented ever)' year for outstanding architectural design in and around the town.

"We are delighted to have been nominated," says Roost founder Simon Cape. "We're a very young company, so to achieve this type of recognition so soon is a real boost."

Roost's head-turning creation is a striking, contemporary domestic extension to an early- 80s development on South Parade.

As they come from Ilkley themselves, Simon points out that they have a "strong understanding of local design". And as well as being at the forefront of community projects including the new indoor swimming pool and sports centre for the Ilkley Lido, they are adept at tackling issues facing householders in the area.

"A lot of people have been struggling to move recently," he says, "and making the most of the house you're already in by extending and altering the building can often be much less costly and stressful.

"Times are financially tough at the moment so we are also offering a very competitive 'value service' for simple projects to ensure the best prices on the market."

Simon added: "There are thousands of Victorian houses in this area, and they don't really fit the way we live today. But by careful planning, even the most complicated problems can he solved - and adapting and modifying makes good sense. Giving older buildings a new lease of life can reduce energy bills and provide great modern family living spaces, not to mention boost the value of the property." Semi-detached properties in particular, lend themselves to being easily extended”

Since its launch, the company has attracted considerable interest from a number of large organisations, developers and domestic clients, and seems set for a bright future in spite of difficult economic times.